Tabasamu Watoto Inclusive Centre


Tabasamu Watoto Inclusive Centre (TWIC) lays the foundation for students to acquire the skills and abilities needed for intellectual growth to achieve success in school and daily life.
Who We Serve: The all-inclusive classes serve students ages 3 to 18, and to date, 186 students have benefited from this initiative; among these are 18 students with special needs. 72 currently attend the kindergarten program, and 113 have graduated and moved on to attend their local school. Additionally, TWIC visits families, school, and communities to provide guidance on how to support students with special needs and/or disabilities. We deliver information on the potential impairments associated with certain conditions, such as self-care, communication, social interaction and independent living.


  • More than 150 teenage boys and girls benefited from our program
  • A foster home for 5 siblings was completed and all the children are going to school and their basic needs met. They are so much grateful to leave Kibera slums, a place that was full of difficulties
  • Our monthly online teacher training has gone well throughout the year. Many thanks to Exceptional Connections International, HTLOT and Hope Church
  • Bathrooms: Previously, we had only 2 pit latrines. Currently we have 9 flushable toilets.
  • 2nd story building: Currently being used as a resource room for special needs learners equipped with educational materials
Continues financial support (increase of monthly support if possible).
Completion of the 3rd floor ($3,500)
Support for the teacher training through ECI ($1200 annually)
Childrens's school supplies

Our Prayer

Salvation for community members For strength as we continue service in this community

For the very poor, the sick and elderly
For more partnerships with individual donors, churches and organizations


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