Wings of Life Children's Center

Transforming lives
through poverty


Located in Kibera, an impoverished area of Nairobi, Wings provides an identity for those seeking to free themselves from the poverty cancer that is plaguing the destitute; we are a caring community that yearns to see change.
With a staff of 15, Wings serves 242 children ages 3-15.  Each day, children are fed and educated by mentors who model that in spite of one’s situation, there is still a place for laughter and joy.  Operated by Mrs. Jane Njeri, Wings leads various service projects that teaches children to give back.  Everyone has something to give…..even picking up trash to improve our surroundings.
Mission & Vision
The mission of AFH is to glorify God by equipping orphan children for success in all areas of life. (spiritual, physical, relational, educational and professional).
Children who are fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. Children who are physically healthy, who function well relationally in society and who receive a quality education through college or trade training. Adults who become successful in their professions/trades and who make a positive contribution in the Kingdom of God

Empowerment Programs: Wings focuses on pulling families from dependence to independence by teaching women the benefits of becoming self-sufficient. Women in our community meet for fellowship and make beads, soaps, and detergents to sell in the marketplace. We partner with individuals in the US who promote our products and help generate income for our families. With this money, parents have started a simple savings and loan program.  By participating in this program, women learn a craft, practice financial management, and maintain their dignity

Areas of need

  •     ​​Teachers salaries. $60 per month each 

  •     Food for school feeding program. $1000 per month total. 

  •     Children Sponsorship for school and food. $40 per month.

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