Nairobi Christian Outreach Center

Who we are

The Nairobi Christian Outreach Center (NCOC) is located in Kibera, one of the most disadvantaged areas in the country.  We serve the community through various outreach programs by working alongside the poor and oppressed and equipping them to improve the quality of life for their families.  Education, empowerment, and head-to-head problem solving are helping us see transformation a little at a time. At the center of our work, is Jesus Christ.  
By being active bearers of God’s love and intentionally interfacing with those of different faiths, we strive to live out the Great Commission.


Our Projects

The School:  Serves 252 children ages 3-12 and is managed by 8 staff members.  This high ratio of students to teachers, coupled with a lack of teaching materials, are barriers to helping children reach their potential. NCOC strives to keep children healthy and in school by providing 2 meals per day, including times when school is not in session. We celebrate eleven great years of giving hope to Kibera orphans and vulnerable children. We also celebrate the first group of kids we began with whom just completed grade 8 last year and are now in different High Schools as of January this year. 

Widows Kitchen: We thank God for this program that just started just as an idea to give hope and restore dignity to the poor widows of Onjiko location of Nyando constituency in Kisumu county. This small business allows them to create home-cooked food to create revenue.  Feeding others and creating income for themselves.  This month we purchased a hundred seat tent and ten plastic tables. Thanks to Help the Least of These.​

Fire Department:  Fires are a huge problem in the close quarters of Kibera and with limited access to water, typically have a devastating effect on the community.  In 2017, to address this problem, both male and female residents possessing character traits that exemplify strong leaders, were selected to participate in a fire training program.  Candidates learned about the causes of fire, prevention, and appropriate response when a fire occurs.  The community established an emergency alert system to  broadcast quick notification to team members.  To mark the significance of the newly established Fire Department, the village held a parade through the streets, followed by a demonstration of fire extinguishing techniques.  Since its inception earlier this year, the department has successfully responded to several fires.  Kibera is proud of these men and women who serve their community.  This program continues today and is growing slowly as we learn the obstacles to success and solutions to overcome.  Most of these are skill development and funding. 


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