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Agunda Foster Home (AFH) is located in Pipeline area of Nairobi, Kenya. It was established in 1999 by Hilary (accountant) and Elizabeth (seamstress). With 5 of their own, Hilary and Elizabeth also care for 13 orphans and a teenage girl with 2 kids . The Agunda Foster Home  has a population of  23 people under one roof.
The Agundas are committed to the success of these children in all areas of their lives – the spiritual, physical, relational, educational and professional. They care for the children until they are educated, reach adulthood and have a trade or profession unlike a typical orphanage in Africa that dismisses children on their 16th birthday.
Mission & Vision
The mission of AFH is to glorify God by equipping orphan children for success in all areas of life. (spiritual, physical, relational, educational and professional).
Children who are fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. Children who are physically healthy, who function well relationally in society and who receive a quality education through college or trade training. Adults who become successful in their professions/trades and who make a positive contribution in the Kingdom of God

Franco is from Turkana, one of the most insecure and remotest part of the country. Franco I met when I, the late Pst George and a small Team from Glory of Christ church went there for a mission. He was an orphan, had dropped out of class 5 and was just herding goats.  We became friends over the week we were there for he was my translator in Turkana language.  I talked with his grandmother about his going to school which she agreed. With what I was getting from Jeho I supported his education.  He is finishing his 1st year at Kisii University doing Bsc in Biology. So you are part of his miracle from the beginning.

Areas of need

  • Discipleship materials for children ($250)
  • Funding for education of children (fees, uniforms, supplies) $500 per year
  • Funding for basic needs of children (food, clothing, medical) $45 per month per child
  • Mission trips to bring the manpower and skill to help us scale our operations

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