Lea Community school

“Raising a Better Future”

Lea is swahili word meaning “Raise”. This word means a lot to me. My mom who also is named “Lea” raised us raised us in a Godly way in the midst of extreme poverty and in all these he taught us to share and to treat everybody as our own. Lea Community Centre is on a one acre land and also owns adjacent three acre farm.
Our vision is to positively impact, influence transform, empower and raise the living standard of the children and people in this community through information awareness and full participation in projects that will alleviate poverty and illiteracy from among the underprivileged society and to give hope to the hopeless
Our mission is to see a society where everybody enjoys his fundamental human and God given rights and to see that every child/person gets his/her basic and fundamental right and to equip them with basic knowledge which can make them be of benefit to the community and society

Our Plans

Our plan is to have a fully-fledged & equipped Community Centre that will host different community programs. One of the greatest enemy and contributors to poverty and early deaths in this community and in this nation is ignorance and therefore having this centre will also act as information center for the community. This will also act as one way of eradicating poverty.

Areas Include

  • Community Library
  • Community Computer Centre
  • Poultry & Fish Farming
  • Sponsor/Donors

Our Projects

Education & Feeding Program

Talking of education we talk of one’s future and the best thing a parent can offer a child is education, the issue of education has been and has remained a big challenge to this community. Most kids could not afford basic Early Child Education due to poverty and availability, with the statistics showing that in this community an area of about 1km² with Kids population of more than 2000 kids, we have only 3 ill equipped ECDE centers offering Basic Early Childhood Education. This leaves poor/vulnerable kids with no option but stay at home since only those who can afford to pay for education in these centers are admitted. At Lea Community Centre we have “Tunalea Kids Academy” started in 2017 where we are offering basic quality education to 120kids under sustainability program where parents/guardians pay half of the cost and the project source from half of the cost from friends and well-wishers. We are also offering two meals a day to give hope and keep kids in classes.

Widows Catering Kitchen

I believe that every woman knows and loves to cook good meals. What about if they can cook for pay? This idea was birthed to give young widows and unprivileged young mothers opportunity to cook for pay. After getting help from “Help the Least of These” we bought catering equipment and officially launch WCK in 2018, so far WCK have done more than 40 businesses charging an average of $250dollars in each business. The money from each business is divided equally among the 20 ladies after paying all the expenses. This business has been a life changing to the ladies and also to the community, the ladies has something to pay their own bills after work and the community having affordable catering services locally.

This is the heading

This multi-million project was funded by local government with partnership of “Help the Least of These” and friends. I call it an “Oasis in the desert”. For many years this community have been living in fear of water borne disease year in year out this is due to lack of clean water. Most of the people who could not afford to go as long as 5km away in search of clean water depended on dirty ponds which they shared with animals. Young women & girls walked 5km in search of water and even after getting to the water point, their trouble did not end there, since at water point they were sometimes asked for sex in exchange of clean water. As a father of girls I was so annoyed to read this bad news, I never wanted my girls or wished any girls to go this form of discrimination. I approached local government with a proposal that was accepted with condition that I must look for other partners to fully help cover the cost. Right now we have clean, safe, sparkling and reliable water for the community.

Give hope today

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