Abundant Life Church

Psalms 26:1-6


Abundant Life Center Church (ALCC) is located in Tororo, Uganda. It was established in 2010 with 15 members. The church currently has over 250 members. From its humble beginnings of holding services in open air, to worshiping in a wooden plank structure, the church building  is now made of sheet metal, wooden and metallic pillars.

ALC church programs include daily fellowships, Sunday worship service, and activities for children and teens. Annual conferences are held for men, women and youth. The church members’ community outreach involves conferences prayer vigils, crusades and rallies, discipleship for youth and children’s ministry.  
Abundant life center church is founded by Pr. Paul Mugonahasa and Faith Mugonahasa, it currently has four other associate pastors in our main church and other pastors in our five branches.
The leaders, Pastor Paul and his wife Faith, have 3 children of their own. In addition, they foster and provide for 9 orphaned and vulnerable children in their home.  

To lovingly operate a family-model residential children’s home for displaced, orphaned, and vulnerable children by providing a Safe, Stable Christian environment that encourages restoration, education, and enrichment of talents.r
James 1:27 (NIV) “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”
Core Values
● The Word Of God ● Work Ethics ● Talent Development ● Participation ● Education ● Character-development

Special Stories of 2021

The sudden closure of churches in Uganda due to the second wave of COVID19, made the church to send its members in their homes for services, where leaders were appointed to lead cells in different homes which at least enabled us to reach our members in different areas, however, it was not enough. So we had to launch in another program of call conferencing through voice calls, which real enabled us to reach most of our members of the church in different places.
However, the program was so good in that we reached the message to most of our people unfortunately some of our members could not receive the message due to inadequate gadgets in most places. But we thank God who provided some gadgets i.e. the Bluetooth speakers through our beloved Papa JD and Brother Kevin. This improved on our communication whereby we were able to cover a big number of the congregation from the main church and also to our five branches.

needs & resources

  • Permanent church structure
  • Finical support to the church Ministers like rent for the pastors
  • GOD’S provision to buy a small piece of land that joins us to the main road, what we have now is a behind road
  • Provision for mission in our sister churches
  • Church transport
  • Land extension for ministers’ quarters


  • Praying that God provides the above plans and needs in Jesus Name.
  • Praying for good health and wisdom in ministry
  • Remain focused in God to the end.

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