Watu wa Maana

A child’s future changes


“Watu,” meaning “very important people” in Swahili, is the overarching theme by which this residential children’s home operates.   The staff believes it is a privilege to serve at WatuWaMaana because each child has been intentionally placed there by God for a specific purpose.  They are focused on shaping the child to become a person of great character with Christlike values.  Their efforts can be easily seen as the children boldly share their testimonies and fill the church with heartfelt songs of praise.   

We currently we have 43 boys and girls residing in the centre. We also have 22 children in secondary schools who live with their relatives or good Samaritans in their communities.  In total we are giving care to 65 children this year.  God saw us through the year in good health and good school performances from the children.  We are still growing strong spiritually.   

Needs & Opportunities

Financial Needs
  • School Education Fees: $6000
  • Rental Kiosk Sponsors: $8000
  • Funding for Books: $1000
  • ​Child Sponsorship: $450 per year
  • Staff Allowance Sponsorship: $500
Our Causes

Our Story

One of our young adults who came in our centre in 2006 graduated in December with a Bachelor of Education. We are grateful to Celeste through HTOT who sponsored Peter through his degree program. God bless her mightily.  Our pastor (James) was granted a scholarship to finish his degree in Biblical studies. We are so grateful to Grassroot   (UK).  Another one of our girls has now graduated as a policer offer while yet another is training in beauty and hair dressing.  So many lives changed. 

In the spring of 2017, WatuWaMaana installed shipping containers along the front of the property with the purpose of subdividing and renting the space to merchants to generate income for the home.  To date, the kiosk program has proven successful and space is in high demand.  We are hopeful that this initiative will help WatuWaMaana become financially self-sufficient.    We are ready to expand this we find willing financial donors to provide additional kiosks. 

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