John E Halgrim Orphanage


John E Halrgim Orphanage (JEHO) operates in partnership with Glory of Christ Church and is located in the Embakasi (Pipeline) District of Nairobi, Kenya.
The home serves 46 children ranging from infant to 18 years of age. Children are brought to JEHO from hospitals or government agencies, or have been found discarded and abandoned. The home provides a health assessment, fresh clothing, meals, and a bed in dormitory style accommodations. Residents attend the local school.
 On the crowded rooftop playground, one discovers through observation that JEHO is teeming with artists, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, caregivers, problem solvers, and future community leaders. 
Through the leadership of Miriam Dickson Otieno, we are working toward helping these children use their God-given talents and build a better future for all who pass through our doors. 


  • We have seen God working in several areas in our ministry.  Of late God has given us wisdom on how to handle our children in and out of the orphanage.  We are conducting youth seminars now April, August, and December in different regions; the April was in Turkana and August seminar will be in Kitale western Kenya. Church planting is a great victory in western Kenya. Soon we will launch children school and feeding program in Kitale Kiungani church in October.
  • Four of our girls sat for the KCSE exams last year and were able to join college!
  • Recently a team from our Ministry visited Kitale last month and met the devastating situation where children and women who lost their belongs husbands/parents to ethnic killings in Elgon Rift valley Kenya were relocated. Children without parents who have nowhere to go and nowhere to live. Led by Pastor Daniel Owuor, the team asked if we can at least help and give hope to those children, of which we moved fast through our church in Kitale and we have helped them, but there is a need to start feeding program to help them.  Please, we need your support for the same. ​

Needs and Opportunities

There are few ways on how you can be part of us –>

Additional Funding for Basic Operations
Roof Reconditioned ($3000)
Children's Sponsorship. ($500 per year)
High School Fees. ($750 per year)
Male and Female Adult Counslors: $250/year


Give hope today

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